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Dansville REACH, a project of Citizens for KIDS, was started in the fall of 2007, funded by donations from the community. In concert with the teaching skills and enthusiasm of Dansville High School's staff and the leadership of the administration, Dansville REACH saw a tripling and quadrupling of Advanced Placement participation during these five years. Prior to Dansville REACH, 15 to 20 AP exams were taken annually. In May 2012 over 80 AP exams were taken by Dansville High students.

Dansville REACH intended to send our youth this message:

You are capable of academic excellence. We expect you to take on challenging coursework. We will reward you for your achievement.
The students and faculty of Dansville High School have demonstrated that our community of learners are capable of academic excellence and that our students can take on challenging coursework.

Dansville REACH began with a model of providing monetary rewards for academic achievement, but our belief is that the financial awards did not so much motivate the students as they did reinforce to the students that academic achievement is highly valued in our community.

We are suspending financial awards to students for the 2012-2013 academic year and beyond.

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